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We provide all kinds of electrical repair services at your doorstep. Just call us and we will ring your bell.

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ABOUT Robert & Sons Electrical SERVICES SYNDEY

Being a Family owned and managed business means that most of our staff are either related or are our close friends, We prefer this because we want to ensure the best outcome for our customers and who else better to trust than the people you know, At Robert & Sons Electrical Sydney we treat our customers the utmost respect which include manners, cleanliness and a great attitude for work!

Whether a Storm has taken out your electricity or you would like a simple cost effective check-up we are always happy to assist you. Our Electricians are always in uniform and our vehicles are always marked so you’ll see us coming from a mile away,

Robert & Sons Electrical Sydney offers all electrical services. All of us know how difficult nowadays it really is to get good support. We offer electrical services in Sydney and accessible twenty-four hours for just about any emergency. We provide quality services and not compromise on getting you the very best results.

We take care of all of your electrical needs including installation and maintenance of electrical systems, switchboard upgrades, fuse box replacement and repairs, PowerPoint or power outlets installation, cooking appliances such as for example ranges and ovens, light services both interior and exterior, replacement of old or damaged electrical wiring, fixing, service and replacement of electric hot water heaters, ceiling fan installation, smoke detector or smoke alarms installation, surge protection, phone wiring, consumer primary upgrades and repairs and a lot more. Your Robert & Sons Electrical Sydney is here to help. 

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Dedicated To Doing Our Best

Robert & Sons Electricals Sydney has been a part of this industry for more than 30 years and have refined our abilities throughout the years. We comprehend what clients anticipate from us and consistently try to convey what we’ve guaranteed. With us, you generally get dependable administration and reliable tradesmen.

The Benefits You Will Get



Switchboard Upgrades

Need a Level 2 Electrician in Sydney to repair or upgrade your switchboard? Our Vans are Equipped.

Power Poles & Private Poles

Has your power pole fallen? Call us today for a fast same day Repairs in Sydney. 

Consumers Mains Rewire

These cables run from the service line to the switchboard, if you have a problem we can help. 

Point of Attachment Brackets
Need a new point of attachment bracket? Whether its old or needs relocation we can sort it ASAP
Earthing Installation and testing

Have you noticed small electric zaps from your appliances? Get your earthing system checked by us.

OverHead Service Lines
Need More power? Upgrade your overhead service line with us and receive 10% off Today!
Underground Cabling & Service Lines
In need of an underground service repair? We have excavators and workman on hand ready to assist.
Service Fuses Repairs
The most common Level 2 Electrical fault is a hot joint on a service fuse which can cause some damage. Get yours checked or replaced today!
Power Poles & Private Poles
Whether its for painting your eves or erecting a scaffold, we can supply and install tiger tails 24/7

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